Editor’s Choice Award!

Just wanted to share a quick announcement- I received an editor’s choice award for a poem I recently submitted to TeenInk (a literary magazine by and for teens). And now I am being considered for publication in their book!!! Advertisements

My Soundtrack

I don’t do it on purpose. I promise. Somehow I just end up playing and re-playing the Les Miserables 10th and 25th anniversary soundtracks while I write. Or while I read. Or while I try to do homework (emphasis on “try”). Oh, and I have the trailers for the upcoming movie pretty much memorized. I … More My Soundtrack


I can’t write. I’ve been afraid of it for days. I open my word document, stare at the blank page begging to be filled. I open my novel, stare at the first words. Then I realize the sheer impossibility that those words will ever be the right ones, and I can’t stand the sight of … More Afraid


by m. e. roach   I dreamed a dream, once, long ago, safe inside the womb of my naivete. I dreamed of who I could be and of success- but what am I lately? I dreamed this dream, of laughter and perfection, idealism that dies. I dreamed of “someday,” escape, and beauty, too- who might … More Dream


by m. e. roach   you stood so close you could have touched his mane felt his warm breath whispered his Name   you saw the table crack saw death fade away saw him rise and felt the ground shake with consuming love   you saw this, heard this, felt this, knew this.   and … More roar

The Power of Hope

As many of you may know if you’ve read my previous posts, I sponsor a little girl through Compassion International. This child, Vivin, a precious little lady from Indonesia has brought me more joy than I would have thought possible. I tried to bring her hope through my sponsorship- and in her haunting brown eyes … More The Power of Hope