Black, Red, White

Recently I’ve been re-reading Ted Dekker’s Circle Trilogy: Black, Red and White. (Sorry, I’ve always seen Green as an add-on and not really part of the series). It struck me, again, full-force, that this love is something I will never understand. The depth with which Ted Dekker writes about the love of Jesus- Elyon- astounds … More Black, Red, White


Tonight marked the end of the cross-country season, meaning a goodbye to the seniors on the team, some of the coolest girls I’ve ever met. I’ll miss this. The late nights, the long runs, the heaps of food we consume together. How they’re the only people in the world I can say anything to. I … More Cross-Country

The Bridge Builder

  “Please, Lamb,” said Lucy, “is this the way to Aslan’s country?” “Not for you,” said the Lamb. “For you the door into Aslan’s country is from your own world.” “What!” said Edmund. “Is there a way into Aslan’s country from our world too?” “There is a way into my country from all the worlds,” … More The Bridge Builder