What if I carried them all, carried the immensity of your poisoned dreams, your ideas of what I should be? What if my shoulders tried to hold it all, bending under the load as I stride alone beneath the slender moon that trembles when she sees the burden I carry? Do I frighten you, with … More

An Exchange

Hold on, little one. Clasp your rhetoric tightly as you step away from the splintered cross You’ll need it, for the safety of a list of rules and something called religion. Oh, but don’t you know? Love was never meant to be safe, and this watered-down grace is only half a life. So turn around. … More An Exchange


Oh sweet wanderer, breathless with wonder in new corners and old castles and dusty bookshelves, take me with you when you go. You and I, we were never made to have a home. We were made to wander, to fall apart and fall together, to reach and never hold, to seek and never find. Oh … More Wanderlust

this rescue

With the wings of the wind I am gone, taken flight. You, merciless pursuer, on my heels, You, merciful heart stealer, calling me back. Was it You who wounded me? Though perhaps, if it was, I would rather fall under your blows than live forever in the empty apathy of my solitary heart. I would … More this rescue

the rescue

aloft in the deepest of nights is a man with no beauty or majesty- but a poet, a warrior, a healer. a carpenter, a king. a criminal, a saint. He hangs there, arms spread wide, his heart so broken that the whole world falls in. He is nothing to them, and everything to me; the … More the rescue