I do not know this man in the stained glass. His robe is clean, he smiles serenely, and I do not recognize those wounds. Those are not wounds that say ‘it is finished;’ that clean-shaven image with its miniscule scars is a portrait that underestimates the darkness of Friday and misses the importance of Sunday … More Baptism

grace for falling

does it seem strange to anyone else that if you are a woman in this church, you must break into a million pieces just to be considered whole? i grieve for them, the girls beside me. they stretch out their hands and let others lead they give up their own wishes they “stand up for … More grace for falling


I learn from them, age 2 and 4. Little warriors, in pink, laughing and playing and learning. I learn how to laugh again, as we charge down the hallway, chasing away monsters with pink plastic swords and teddy bears. I learn wonder, when blue eyes widen as they hold snow in their palms. “Let’s wear … More Lessons

Lamplight and Lions

Both of you are so far from home, following the glow of pulsing streetlights, swaying in the never-ending dance of fellow travelers. Was it there, in the city of your greatest hope, that you found each other? Or did it start long ago, in the dreams of your childhood, the one on the tip of … More Lamplight and Lions

Deschambault, Canada

So much talk of our culture, their culture, white, black. No room, inside tradition, for a love that is beyond measure. But when a dusty little hand slips into mine, when brown eyes light up brighter than the sun, I know how wrong we’ve been. And more than that, in those shy smiles, I know where healing … More Deschambault, Canada

An Exchange

Hold on, little one. Clasp your rhetoric tightly as you step away from the splintered cross You’ll need it, for the safety of a list of rules and something called religion. Oh, but don’t you know? Love was never meant to be safe, and this watered-down grace is only half a life. So turn around. … More An Exchange

She Changed My Story

Vivin Olivia. My princess. The child who gives me hope. As many of you know, Vivin is my little girl from Indonesia. I have the incredible privilege of sponsoring her through Compassion International since July of last year, and she has just brought me so much joy. I pay $38 a month, and it provides … More She Changed My Story