What if I carried them all, carried the immensity of your poisoned dreams, your ideas of what I should be? What if my shoulders tried to hold it all, bending under the load as I stride alone beneath the slender moon that trembles when she sees the burden I carry? Do I frighten you, with … More

a losing battle

Tonight I was on an online forum created for a passionate, active movement of Christian teens. They believed that young people could do hard things, too. Could change the worlds. There were project forums, and teenagers all across the world banded together with projects like sending toys to orphanages in Haiti, making quilts for crisis … More a losing battle


As many of my readers know by now, Indonesia has a special spot in my heart because that’s where my own compassion child lives. These few short months I’ve been a sponsor have already been incredible. I received my first letter from Vivin about a month ago, and read it through blurry eyes. Believe me, … More Irresistable

Singing Hosanna

by m. e. roach   we gather, lift our hands, and lie back and forth up and down merry-go-round singing hosanna.   all our plastic faces khaki pants shiny shoes skirts past the knee singing hosanna   never close enough to broken never close enough to believe that hosanna means save us