the rescue

aloft in the deepest of nights is a man with no beauty or majesty- but a poet, a warrior, a healer. a carpenter, a king. a criminal, a saint. He hangs there, arms spread wide, his heart so broken that the whole world falls in. He is nothing to them, and everything to me; the … More the rescue

The Power of Hope

As many of you may know if you’ve read my previous posts, I sponsor a little girl through Compassion International. This child, Vivin, a precious little lady from Indonesia has brought me more joy than I would have thought possible. I tried to bring her hope through my sponsorship- and in her haunting brown eyes … More The Power of Hope


Hope. It’s something we’re all searching for. It’s something our broken world needs. And just recently, I found a little tiny bit of that hope to hold onto. I started sponsoring a little girl online- Vivin, a five year old girl. Lovelie, sadly, I was unable to find- although I guess that’s a good thing, … More Hope

What is Love?

Love. What is it? We’re all looking for it, longing for it, from the little girls who play dress-up to the bitter cynics who do their best to shred idealism. We tell ourselves love is not real. Love is a joke. We won’t fall for it again. We won’t let ourselves get hurt again. In … More What is Love?

The Cry

by m. e. roach blind and unable to hear the world is crying   the baby, backseat, haunting eyes silence mom’s on her cell   the old man, curb, cardboard sign silence pedestrians look away   the little girl, rumpled bed, fishnet tights silence the madam slams the door   the little boy, school, nerdy … More The Cry