in ages past

I’m sorry, dear so sorry, for what you’ve lost for what you’ve seen for what’s been broken. Love comes at a cost, and you have paid too high a price, and, forgetting, have let hope destroy you and faith return to dust. But everlasting to everlasting was never a promise to last for a day. There … More in ages past


We walk among the willows and our words, like tiny fists, beat back the wind and the silence at the edge of the world.   And you tell me of wounds, wounds and rage, but your eyes tell me secrets that lips can never say.   The words in our fists shake with the weight … More untitled


So, I’m back. Cross-country is officially over for the year, and I’m in the last month of the semester, so everything should be a little more low-key until finals. In honor of finally having a break from being way too busy to breathe, I decided to join mock trial, get a second job, and try … More Writing