Lamplight and Lions

Both of you are so far from home,

following the glow of pulsing streetlights,

swaying in the never-ending dance of fellow travelers.

Was it there, in the city of your greatest hope,

that you found each other?

Or did it start long ago,

in the dreams of your childhood,

the one on the tip of your tongues-

if only you could remember?

But then again,

under golden lamplight-stars,

where your eyes speak secrets you have never known,

none of it matters;

there is no when or where or how,

just now.

Fingertips touch, whisper to each other,

and in the skyline of the city where you fell in love

the lion calls you home.


5 thoughts on “Lamplight and Lions

  1. Okay, so here’s the deal, Miss Mary. Even if you don’t study writing in college, you must never stop writing, okay? You’re just too talented to let it go to waste. God gave you this gift!! Proud of you and your multi-faceted generosity toward life.

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