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Every girl expects their first heartbreak over a boy. Little did we know it would be a nine year old boy, 1,200 miles away from home. Of all the kids we’ve met this week, Chaz touched our hearts the most. As we were getting the word out around the community…

Deschambault, Canada

So much talk of our culture, their culture, white, black. No room, inside tradition, for a love that is beyond measure. But when a dusty little hand slips into mine, when brown eyes light up brighter than the sun, I know how wrong we’ve been. And more than that, in those shy smiles, I know where healing … More Deschambault, Canada

Update- Canada Mission Trip

Hello from Winnipeg!(: I am on a mission trip this week and I have internet access for tonight only. Can’t wait to update you all when I get home. My heart is in a million pieces. I love this place and these people and their culture. Jesus is awesome. And that’s all that really matters.


Goodness and truth, kindness and hope; they have no place here. Do you see it?- the darkest, forsaken reaches of my heart. There is an evil buried deep, an evil no one else would believe. She is here, the traitor. See her, the murderer. Nothing but darkness, and me, falling. And so I fall and … More Untitled

An Exchange

Hold on, little one. Clasp your rhetoric tightly as you step away from the splintered cross You’ll need it, for the safety of a list of rules and something called religion. Oh, but don’t you know? Love was never meant to be safe, and this watered-down grace is only half a life. So turn around. … More An Exchange