water and thunder and fierce joy

write patterns in the sky,

and the sound of a ferocious love

rends the earth around me in a terrifying explosion.

I am lost, irrevocably lost,

and yet-

in chaos,

found, too,

where the pastures are green

and the shepherd stretches out his arms upon a tree.

an explosion and a peaceful pasture,

an easy yoke and a savage grace,

a carpenter and a lord.

Tell me who he is,

this lion, this lamb,

this thunderstorm, this kitten,

this king who carries redemption in his palms.


4 thoughts on “thunderstorm

  1. Thunderstorms are amazing…showing how powerful and STRONG our God is!!! And yet, though He can move the mountains…..He cares about us. And we are small. I mean, when youb look at the ENTIRE universe, we are very, very small! But He loves and cares for us. US. What love! Isn’t He so amazing???!!! Thank you for sharing this, Mary! What a blessing it is to have such a powerful and loving Lord!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Love you!
    Kaitlyn 🙂

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