Can I just say that I love my Jesus?

I can’t get over Him.

The beauty of His story. How crazy it all is.

I mean, God died.

For me.

I am so desperate for Him, so desperate to escape me. I want to know Him and I want to run from Him. I feel like I’ve been saying I know Him my entire life. I’ve believed in Him- I’ve been in a relationship with Him for years.

And I do not know this Jesus.

Not one bit.

And I love that. I love that I can’t know. I love that I will spend all of eternity learning the mystery that I see in the scars of the rescuer.

I love that I will never, ever understand this.

I am breathless, shaken, shattered by this wonder:

That He. Loves. Me.


2 thoughts on “breathless

  1. Isn’t that the wonder of it all?! The thought that we can think, study, and go out and search….we can spend our whole lives trying to figure out all of His ways, and even then we won’t even begin to understand the very least about Him! Oh how wonderful it will be for all eternity, amen?! Why would we not want to serve Him? Why would we ever trust our own might? Praise the Lord forever!

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