palms of a rescuer

I wish there was something that my useless words could do

to heal that gaping chasm where your heart used to lie.

“I must be strong,

must go on,

must get better.”

I wish I could help you see that there are no musts here

and instead there is a lion who understands your pain.

“I must never fall,

must rescue myself,

must rescue the world.”


But don’t you see you’ve got him wrong?

he doesn’t want your musts

or your attempts

or your perfection.


the palms that hold redemption are battered,

and your musts are buried inside them.

the side that pours forth hope is a gaping wound,

and your attempts are washed away in it.

the stripes that are like a king’s garment; they are nothing more than scars,

and they outshine every false perfection of your fearful heart.


2 thoughts on “palms of a rescuer

  1. Like a friend put it once, “If God were to take His mind of us for even just a moment, we would cease to exist.” And, we think we can do things without God?! 🙂 We are such proud little peices of clay! How lovely it is just to give Him everything and willingly follow Him wherever He leads and trust Him ALWAYS! Why do we always think our way is better? 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Mary!

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