this rescue

With the wings of the wind

I am gone,

taken flight.

You, merciless pursuer, on my heels,

You, merciful heart stealer, calling me back.

Was it You who wounded me?

Though perhaps, if it was,

I would rather fall under your blows

than live forever in the empty apathy of my solitary heart.

I would rather fall upon your double-edged sword

and be redeemed,

than live forever in the hell I create for myself.

And I wonder, as dawn comes,

how grace found me without my knowing,

how love blossomed from scars that I inflicted, not you,

how the holy one became the sacrifice,

and how, how did this rescue come for me?


One thought on “this rescue

  1. A picture of our amazing Lord’s unending, undying, unconditional, forever, love for us! It is so beyond our human thinking! What a mighty God we serve! 🙂

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