Stained glass and stick figures

I am surrounded by windows and filters

and brightly colored pictures of Jesus with tiny scars we can all handle-

here, inside a church that values perfection above all else.

They worship the beautiful- the angels and the heroes and the face of purity.

And I wonder, a little sadly, when I see your eyes,

where grace fled.

Because you and I, we are not angels or heroes or faces of purity.

In a place of stained glass and stick figures

you and I are blemishes.

We’ve lost so many battles

that they tell us we’ve lost the war.

We are the broken,

the hurt,

the fallen,

in a church of sleeping beauties and glass slippers.

And someone please tell me,

Is there any hope left for you and I?


2 thoughts on “Stained glass and stick figures

  1. Broken people are the ones the Lord can use! When we realize how sinful, how dirty, and how fallen and hurt we are, then we come to realize how big our God is! Those are some of the most powerful soldiers for Christ….the ones who are humble, and realize that they are absolutely nothing. The ones that understand that, even though they are so wreched and dirty, God loves us and wants to use us to bring Him glory and shine forth His light!! Never give up hope. God is ALWAYS there. ❤

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