I wonder about this place you go, away from me,

where there is nothing but night;

where tears stream down your face, and you tell me,

“Five qualifications, no grace-

was there ever any hope for me?”

This pain is so deeply rooted,

and I cannot shake it, cannot heal it, cannot fill it with light.

Oh, dear one, I have carried the sorrows of a thousand souls,

carried them like a torch that burns inside me,

and believe me when I tell you:

there is no depth to which you can fall

there is no darkness too black

and there is nothing you could ever do

to hide from a redemption so powerful.

Redemption is as backwards as your grief-


because God died,

because the King was the Servant,

and because, beloved-

because the Lion was a Lamb.


2 thoughts on “lamb

  1. Amen amen!!! No matter how hard we fall, our loving Lord always is right there to carry us!! I have always loved the saying, “It’s not baout how hard you fall ,but how high you bounce!” And thankfully we don’t have to go through it alone. 🙂

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