She Changed My Story

Vivin Olivia. My princess. The child who gives me hope. As many of you know, Vivin is my little girl from Indonesia. I have the incredible privilege of sponsoring her through Compassion International since July of last year, and she has just brought me so much joy. I pay $38 a month, and it provides … More She Changed My Story


Can I just say that I love my Jesus? I can’t get over Him. The beauty of His story. How crazy it all is. I mean, God died. For me. I am so desperate for Him, so desperate to escape me. I want to know Him and I want to run from Him. I feel … More breathless


I AM SURROUNDED BY WORDS. Words, as in sources. Books stacked everywhere. Articles strewn everywhere. Music pounding in the background. Notes scattered across the floor. Crumpled drafts littered around. And I’m just trying to write a paper. I’ve learned three things tonight… 1. Apparently, I don’t do neat. Doesn’t happen. The binder that was supposed … More Words