be m. e. roach


You are more

than tears and dust and roses,

more than ash and blue sky

and old scars.

you are more,

beloved creature,

you are the wind itself,

the sky,

the poetic promise to all that is broken

that healing comes

unstoppable as the tide,

like dawn over the ocean.

But ah, beloved-

you were always more.


4 thoughts on “more

      1. Can I be frank? I know you’re interested in social work as a major, but I think you really need to consider creative writing, even if you double-majored, or if you minored in writing. I just think that if you pushed your tremendous natural talent (which is already mature beyond your years) through a “training regime,” the world would have to drop its jaw in awe.

      2. Have you and my dad been talking?(; He told me last night (again) that I should consider it. I am actually at this point planning to double major, but your encouragement is just more reassurance. God made me a writer, so I think I do need to work on being a good one. As always, thank you.(:

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