I am listening to Sherlock read Ode to a Nightingale. And it makes me way too happy. And I should be doing homework. So I had an idea for a post tonight, but I guess that’s not happening. I still haven’t recovered from hearing Jude Law and Loki and Sherlock and Thorin read my favorite … More

once beloved

by m. e. roach   you are more than the dust in the wind, greater than the tears on your face, braver than the lingering fear in your heart, more beautiful than the sigh inside your soul. you are more, beloved, more than the sorrows, more than the scars, and more, infinitely more, than you … More once beloved


be m. e. roach   You are more than tears and dust and roses, more than ash and blue sky and old scars. you are more, beloved creature, you are the wind itself, the sky, the poetic promise to all that is broken that healing comes unstoppable as the tide, like dawn over the ocean. … More more