Lots and lots of lesson these past few days. I am constantly in the process of falling apart and letting God catch me, in all those infinite, crazy ways that don’t make any sense because He’s a rescuer with ways that are not my ways and thoughts that are not my thoughts. How I love … More Learning

Editor’s Choice Award!

Just wanted to share a quick announcement- I received an editor’s choice award for a poem I recently submitted to TeenInk (a literary magazine by and for teens). And now I am being considered for publication in their book!!!


the irk of tumoil tosses me: a hell bound angel or a demon bound for heaven. unsure at times of which is which, a breath away from saving grace- lost in the scuttling winds of time, hoping beyond hope for something more than this.

only chaos

i cannot find words to make something out of nothing i cannot find peace to make hope out of chaos i cannot find light to make beauty out of darkness darkness darkness all around- surrounding crippling tearing rending; making me loathe myself and all i have ever been and not been. who am i?- they … More only chaos


be m. e. roach   darkness is like time- how it flies and slips and wanders and leaves me breathless, grieving what can never be again.

this solitary strand

by m. e. roach the only way to see, the only way to feel, the only way to understand, is to be alone. that strange and absolute- I. only separate from the “we”- only alive inside my own soul- only alone, in the aching vastness of infinity, hanging like the moon in innumerable clouds, I … More this solitary strand


I have carried inside me a love that cannot lie. to say you’re mine- never true. to say you’re not- equally a lie. Have ever fates been tied like ours tonight? Yet they say I am alone; the odd one, forever silent. But they don’t see you- they’ve never seen your eyes, lost and found … More fathomless