Sandy Hook Elementary. 28 dead.

No words can describe this. No one can make sense of this. No beautiful eulogies. No breathtaking poems. None of that is enough.

No one can find the words for this evil.

All we can do is say their names. Remember them. Hold onto a piece of them, through our words give them a trace of the life they should have lived.

Remember them, the teachers that gave their lives for the students. Some charged the gunman in a last-ditch attempt to stop him. Some threw their own bodies between the bullets and the children.

Dawn Hochsprung.

Mary Sherlach.

Victoria Leigh Soto.

Anne Marie Murphy.

Lauren Gabrielle Rousseau.

Nancy Lanza.

Rachel D’Avino.

Remember them, the precious children whose lives were stolen from them.

Charlotte, age 6.

Daniel, age 7.

Olivia, age 6.

Josephine, age 7.

Dylan, age 6.

Madeleine, age 6.

Catherine, age 6.

Chase, age 7.

Jesse, age 6.

James, age 6.

Grace, age 7.

Emilie, age 6.

Jack, age 6.

Noah, age 6.

Caroline, age 6.

Jessica, age 6.

Avielle, age 6.

Benjamin, age 6.

Allison, age 6.

Please, stop arguing about gun rights and hating on each other. Please, don’t bring politics into this.

Please, just do the only thing we can do right at this point: remember them with me.


2 thoughts on “Tribute

  1. And pray for their families…that is very important too! How sad, how sad. It does make me think though, all these shootings…all the people who were the actual shooters……they did this because of hate. Anger. Bitterness. Resentment. Jealousy. Pride. How many of these could have been avoided if we Christians had shown them Christ’s love like we are called to do? How many people showed them Love? I know we can’t stop it all, but we could start by doing our job and going out and loving and helping these poor, depressed people.
    Let us remember to keep the families in prayer…what a sad, horrible time!
    Does what I am saying make sense?

    1. It totally makes sense Kaitlyn! You are so very right…. I can’t imagine the kind of pain the shooter was in to influence him to do such a horrible, awful thing.
      His pain doesn’t make it “okay” or any better at all, but it does make you think… the church is not doing enough.
      My heart goes out to the families. I cannot imagine what this Christmas was like for them without their precious children.
      Thank you for your thoughts, hun! Your heart of love shines through in everything that you say… keep loving Jesus and keep loving people.(:

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