The Sound of Redemption

I have been in this black hole for days. As you know, my blog posts have dwindled. I have tried, and tried, and tried, to climb out of this loneliness, this depression since the week of Thanksgiving.

I have been unable to.

I’ve just been so, so lonely. I have been stuck at home. All I do is sleep.

I went to class once in this past week.

And then tonight the thing I have been fighting for just happened, unexpectedly. The weight I had carried was gone.

Gone, not because I somehow shook it off myself. Not because I suddenly had the strength to be that good Christian who never struggles.

Gone because of a few friends.

A friend who told me she missed me.

A conversation about garlic bread and school and poop that pulled me back into the world.

Another conversation about the dream of a future world, away from this place, with a friend who shares my restlessness.

Three friends, reaching unconsciously into my lonely abyss and shattering the darkness.

And something has changed. I begin to believe, finally, that there is light beyond the clouds, that there is still something in this world for me.

I begin to hope again.


4 thoughts on “The Sound of Redemption

  1. I love how God will send people to brighten our days right when we need them the most. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling down. Jesus loves you 🙂 thanks for sharing this

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