My Soundtrack

I don’t do it on purpose. I promise. Somehow I just end up playing and re-playing the Les Miserables 10th and 25th anniversary soundtracks while I write.

Or while I read.

Or while I try to do homework (emphasis on “try”).

Oh, and I have the trailers for the upcoming movie pretty much memorized.

I can’t decide whether I love Michael Ball’s maturity or Nick Jonas’ youth in their performance’s of the character Marius. I can’t decide which edition is my favorite, or if it’s the movie coming out. I can’t make up my mind, so I just sit and listen, and soak up the unspeakable beauty and unspeakable sorrow pouring from the music.

All I know is that I’m still unable to distinguish between a story or a poem or a song, and Les Miserables in all of its forms combines those three elements.

The book itself I read when I was about eleven years old, and I fell in love. Even then I loved it for its beauty, for the striking story of hope, sacrifice, redemption. I loved it for its raw pain and emotion, I loved it for its unrelenting yet sympathetic portrayals of the characters.

I go back and re-read, and listen, and watch, and then start frantically writing and longing to be able to do what he did. I want to write a book that is so closely intertwined with music it must become a musical. I want to be able to reflect so deeply on the human condition that the only way to fully express my ideas is through music. To me, that would be the ultimate dream come true.

So my questions for you today… what writers inspire you? Who do you strive to emulate? What is the soundtrack for your writing?


6 thoughts on “My Soundtrack

  1. Mmmm, I love Les Mis too! But I have only read the book, never seen the musical (although I know some of the songs). So good.

    Lately, I have been inspired by Jandy Nelson, Peter Beagle, Melina Marchetta, and always, always C.S. Lewis.

    I actually have a “Truest Soundtrack” playlist on Spotify, which I sometimes listen to while I work on my novel. There are some songs that seem soooooo perfect that I almost picture my book scene as a movie scene with that music as the background. “I’ll Find a Way” by Rachael Yamagata and “Try Again” by Keane I have been playing over and over as I work on my last chapter.

  2. Ah, Les Mis. I’ve seen it twice on stage and can’t wait to see it again! I’m an Elizabeth Prentice fan – she inspires me to live well. The soundtrack for my writing – silence.


      1. Stepping Heavenward. I should read some of her other things, but Stepping Heavenward is a great coming of age Christian womanhood book.


      2. Agh, I spelled it wrong. It must have been too long since I read it last. Time to pick it up again. She wrote Stepping Heavenward – a great Christian womanhood coming of age book. I should read of her other stuff, but Stepping Heavenward will probably always be my favorite.


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