A Part of Me

I have a theory- a theory about giving.

I was on Compassion International’s website recently to drop a quick note to my sponsored children, Vivin and Saul, and I was reminded once again of all that giving means to me.

I love my two sponsored kids, and because I love, I give.

I give to my two sponsored kids, and because I give, I love all the more.

So my theory is that these two concepts don’t exist- can’t exist- separately. I can’t love without giving. And I can’t give without falling more and more in love. The more I give, the more important these two kids become to me.

My blog is all about love- the myriad ways I understand it or don’t understand it. Everything I write relates to the idea of the love so radical poured out for me by a Carpenter-King long ago.

So in some ways, my blog is all about giving.

The way He gave. The way I give. The way others give to me. How the craft Vivin gave to me is one of my most treasured possessions.

Giving- this is love, one of the millions of definitions that help me understand something that defies words.

It’s all about giving. I would say most people, regardless of political or religious stance, agree that this is what the Christmas, or “holiday,” season is about.

Christmas is about giving, giving is about love. Love is giving. Sacrificing, a few dollars, a few minutes, or a whole lifetime.

So how can you love this Christmas season? How can you give?

My friends and I decided that instead of getting each other presents we’ll have forgotten in a few months, we’d get something that lists. We started here– you can buy something as small as a $4 dollar gift to protect young children from the parasites found in unsanitary food or water, to an $18 dollar malaria net, to something as large as a shared group project where each person contributes $100 to provide a child with life-saving surgery.

If it’s all about love, then it’s all about giving. If it’s all about giving, how much can you give today? Visit Compassion International to sponsor a child or donate for one of the items mentioned above.



2 thoughts on “A Part of Me

  1. Amen and Amen, Mary!! Thank you so much…that encouraged me! How true it it, that loving and giving to together! And we have such a wonderful example of One who loved and gave so much!! Thank you again for sharing this! May the Lord richly bless your day!
    I think I might head over to that website….:)

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