My apologies, friends, for being so silent recently. Just to let you know, I haven’t disappeared; I have just been unable to string together two words since I finished the three papers I had to finish for finals. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post some more soon.(: Advertisements

Isaiah 53

I just wanted to share this entire passage of Isaiah 53. I think I tear up every time I try to read it. This, in my opinion, is the Christmas story- my story, Jesus’ story, every person’s story- told with incredible beauty. This is just told so much better than I will ever be able … More Isaiah 53

So little to offer

The Christmas story is beautiful- so beautiful. I love it on so many levels; as a Jesus-lover, as a writer, as a reader, this story has so much beauty. It hit me today what it is about the Christmas story that gets me every time. The way heaven’s greatest gift went unrecognized, cold and alone … More So little to offer

the rescue

by m. e. roach   searching for a glimpse of a hero. searching for a rescuer. we are lost- lost, lost, lost and searching- not for the ones with power but for the rescue. the rescue- and the rescuer whose greatest weapon- whose greatest victory- is his own death.


Sandy Hook Elementary. 28 dead. No words can describe this. No one can make sense of this. No beautiful eulogies. No breathtaking poems. None of that is enough. No one can find the words for this evil. All we can do is say their names. Remember them. Hold onto a piece of them, through our … More Tribute


Doubt is like a monster- a silent, invisible one. Creeping, tearing, destroying. who are you who are you who are you?- and no matter how hard you try, there is no answer.   Anger follows Doubt- ashing, asking, asking- never relenting Driving me mad. who are you who are you who are you?- and what … More Identity