As many of my readers know by now, Indonesia has a special spot in my heart because that’s where my own compassion child lives.

These few short months I’ve been a sponsor have already been incredible. I received my first letter from Vivin about a month ago, and read it through blurry eyes. Believe me, it’s well worth it.

I thought today I’d highlight some children I’ve recently found on Compassion’s website.

First is Vincent, age 3.

Who can resist this little guy? What I’d give to be able to scoop him up and carry him away from the poverty that has tried to keep him- and so many others- down.

And then there’s Audrey, age 5.

He’s my Vivin’s age, and it’s heartbreaking to think that children her age are so vulnerable. Will you step in for him?
And lastly (for today, you know I’m never done forever), is Onci Lu, also 5.

I can’t get those eyes out of my mind. That pink dress, those blue clogs, the way she stands so straight and tall and brave even though her eyes are so round and scared. Will you be the one to make her dream come true?


4 thoughts on “Irresistable

  1. I am so glad you’re a sponsor, Mary! It is a true delight. My kiddos’ names are Jona (17), Antonio (13), and Bea (10), and they LIGHT. UP. MY. LIFE. I have been a sponsor (Antonio was the first) since 2005. I was able to volunteer at a Compassion booth at Acquire the Fire one year, and that was such a blast! I LOVE THE ORGANIZATION!!!!! Proud of you!! You will put a smile on Vivin’s face!

    1. That is so cool! I keep finding out more that we have in common. (:
      Where are your kids all from?
      And are you part of the Compassion website for sponsors (Our Compassion). On it you can connect with other sponsors with kids in the same countries, and some of them are people who regularly go on trips and actually know a lot of the children. You can also see Google maps images of an overview of your child’s Compassion center.

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