Black, Red, White

Recently I’ve been re-reading Ted Dekker’s Circle Trilogy: Black, Red and White. (Sorry, I’ve always seen Green as an add-on and not really part of the series).

It struck me, again, full-force, that this love is something I will never understand. The depth with which Ted Dekker writes about the love of Jesus- Elyon- astounds me at every level. The symbolism, the imagery, the power of blood, of love, of belief, the unearthly intensity he speaks of, all of these fill me with longing for this other world he speaks of.

I wish I could re-read it again without knowing what’s going to happen; I miss that first read. I miss being confused, being hooked, being delighted, being amazed by Black. I miss falling in love with White, loving how the power of blood is taken to a level I had never seen.

But most of all, I wish I could begin again with Red. I wish I could feel again what I felt about the “traitor”- all of my confusion and anger, and then the shock when I realized who it was I was hating.

(For all those who have no idea what I’m talking about it, go out and read those books. Now.)

I was at the library looking for a romance novel to distract me from all that my life has been lately, and I stumbled upon these three again. A greater romance than I had dreamed.

What about you? What books have grabbed your hearts lately (or re-captured, in my case)?



3 thoughts on “Black, Red, White

  1. Oh how interesting! I am actually reading Black right now … for the very first time. I’m not totally hooked yet (Kara just sent Tom to sleep to try to find out the Kentucky Derby winner), but knowing you and Stacey are such fans inspires me to keep reading!

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