Tonight marked the end of the cross-country season, meaning a goodbye to the seniors on the team, some of the coolest girls I’ve ever met.

I’ll miss this. The late nights, the long runs, the heaps of food we consume together. How they’re the only people in the world I can say anything to.

I miss the strength we gain from each other.

I miss complaining that we have to run but loving it anyway, secretly.I miss the ice sessions when we’re sore as hell and wondering why we ever decided to join CC. I miss the rant sessions when some of us are ready to cry.

I miss complaining about teachers and lame cheers and running side by side and talking about our great love, food. I miss team meals and making section t-shirts and laughing about the most immature things.  I miss deep conversations about church and God and missions trips, and shallow conversations about poop.

I miss the discussion of who can eat the most. I miss the fat fests. I miss Jenna’s garlic bread. I miss the girls who turned the team awards ceremony into the team potluck.

I miss running races together and pushing each other and holding each other up in the chute.

I miss the strength in the hands holding mine during the prayer.

Ever there when you need it,

in seeing you through,

your strength comes from God

who lives within you.

I miss cheering for them, hearing them cheer for me. I miss comparing how swollen our knees are.

I miss trying to hide from Hank and cut the corners and hope the coaches don’t notice.

I miss the laughter, each one.

I miss the way we could comfort each other when one of us wanted to cry. I miss the way we fit 7 people on one bed to watch a movie (and eat).

I miss the bond and hard work that made us a team- somewhere in the course of those hells (sorry,  I mean hills), the girls running next to me became my best friends.

Thanks, team.


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