A Single Note

Recently I was told by my English professor that my writing was very lyrical, even in the average paper I’ll write. In her words, I haven’t figured out the difference between a song and a story. This led me to wonder… what is the difference? It seems these two art forms are incredibly inter-related. My … More A Single Note

a losing battle

Tonight I was on an online forum created for a passionate, active movement of Christian teens. They believed that young people could do hard things, too. Could change the worlds. There were project forums, and teenagers all across the world banded together with projects like sending toys to orphanages in Haiti, making quilts for crisis … More a losing battle


I wonder about you, last of the four to find Aslan. You ate her food, you lusted for her power, you swallowed her lies. What did you see when you looked in His eyes the first time? I can imagine it must have been too much to bear- for in the depth of His eyes … More Edmund


by m. e. roach   I dreamed a dream, once, long ago, safe inside the womb of my naivete. I dreamed of who I could be and of success- but what am I lately? I dreamed this dream, of laughter and perfection, idealism that dies. I dreamed of “someday,” escape, and beauty, too- who might … More Dream

Holding On

Last night was a bad night. I faced things I thought I’d conquered, sleeping giants who had never died. I wrestled with a lot, and I didn’t win. But today I’m holding on. A long talk with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while helped too. So tonight, I’m going to make a list … More Holding On