This year, as a junior in high school, I am taking all my classes as a PSEO (post-secondary enrollment option) student at the local community college. This experience has brought a lot of new challenges as well as new opportunities.

The people.

The people are so beautiful- all of the incredible beauty there in the young, the old, the cynical, the bitter, the naive, the innocent, the battered, the fresh young, the weary old, the angry, the defensive, the happy, the shy, the arrogant, the humble, the beautiful, broken mass of humanity.

I can see why You love them so much, Jesus. I can see why You would die for them. They are worth dying for.

The girls with sharp chins and too much make-up and curly brown hair. The nervous young men with shaking hands and stuttering voices and genius behind it. The angry ones with huge brown eyes and a scream hidden beneath their arguments. The older women, with wrinkled skin and too many children, angry because they gave up this opportunity so long ago. The bitter women wishing they had never bought the lie that they could trust the men who ruined them.

I love being here. I love these people, this diversity, this beauty.

Thank You, Jesus, for the extraordinary beauty of people.


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