I can’t go to Compassion’s website anymore without being captured by yet another pair of eyes; another story; another beautiful person. So here are three more:

First I wanted to tell you about Wisnu. At 17, he’s the oldest Compassion child I’ve talked about on here so far. Scrolling down the page, his eyes stopped me- burned into me. He’s from Indonesia, which is on my heart anyway (my sponsored child lives there). He stand tall, straight, strong despite the poverty he is trying to fight. Will you give him a hand up?



Next is William, from AIDS-ravaged Ghana. The serious expression on this tiny little guy drove me crazy. Will you be the one to put a smile on his face?



Last but not least is the only girl of this bunch: Sonam. She, too, is 5, but her eyes tell me she is a thousand years old. She lives in India, a place with high risks for children, particularly girls, who often become sex slaves. Will you be Sonam’s way out?



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