Dear Jesus: A Letter for My Vivin

Dear Jesus,

There’s a little girl I wanted to talk to you about. Oh, I know You already know her better than I do. I know You’ve been watching out for her for a long time; even before she was born. I know You love her, too.

But I have to tell You- she is so beautiful; so precious. I love her so much, Jesus- she makes everything worth it for me. The long hours, the headaches of adding a job to school, athletics, church, ministry and life.

Jesus, there’s a lot of great things about sponsoring Vivin. But I know it’s not easy for her- I know she hasn’t been given the best shot at life. I know she’s faced more poverty than I can imagine; I know there’s a long road ahead if she wants to achieve.

Please, Lord, bring her hope. Show her that she is loved more than anything she can ever imagine. Show her the depth, the overwhelming power of Your love. Please, God, give her the greatest gift anyone can ever have- a relationship with You.

Please help her to break free from the clinging chains of poverty; help her- the little girl who brought me hope- know that I will be with her every step of the way.


For Vivin,

A Sponsor


Ps. And God? Could You work it out so we can meet in person someday?


Start your own story today.


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