A Glimpse of Compassion

I wish I could adequately put into words my heart for the children in poverty all over the world. Since I will never be able to capture all of the beauty, all of the suffering, all of the poverty of these precious children’s lives, I want to share some pictures with you.

Kids with special needs have always been on my heart because of their vulnerability and also their underestimated beauty and potential.

So here are a few of Compassion International’s, all precious little girls who are visually impaired, and who are still waiting for the perfect sponsor. Will that be you?


This is Cherifatou, a three year old who lives in an area ravished by AIDS and in danger of exploitation. Will you be the one to give her hope? Will you pray for her today? Will you be her sponsor?


And here is Andrea, age 5, another visually impaired girl who needs someone to make sure she is cared for. Will that be you?


Finally, Comfort, age 7, who also lives in an AIDS-ravished community, need a rescuer. Rescue Comfort today.

If you can’t sponsor, you can always pray. Anyone can pray. Please. These precious girls need Jesus- and they need your help!


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