Hero Pt. 2

by m. e. roach


it takes time

they told me

you’ll heal

read the Bible

pray more


i can’t- i can’t-i can’t


and just as suddenly

as i fell from grace

a Man- a Carpenter

comes to my rescue



I can- I can- I can-


round and round i go

over and over again

fighting the hero


and asking, wondering

how can He still love me?


the mystery

i can never solve

because here i am

not the naked woman

clothed only in filth

but the girl-

the little girl

twirling in her white dress

dancing in sunlight


falling through black-

falling away-

and caught by a Hero.


2 thoughts on “Hero Pt. 2

  1. Wow. This is beautiful. Beyond words really. This speaks to me, honestly, and matches what God has shown me! So neat.
    I came by to say Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! So you are a fan of the wondrous North and South too, huh? Hehe, it’s one of my favourites 🙂
    But yes, this is such a neat writing. I think I shall come back when I have some more times and reflect on it some more! Thank you 🙂

  2. Thanks Rachel, I’m glad God has spoken to your heart about this as well… He is my Hero and my Love, and He amazes me every day with the beauty and depth and sacrifice of His love. And yes, please come back soon!

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