It’s something we’re all searching for. It’s something our broken world needs.

And just recently, I found a little tiny bit of that hope to hold onto.

I started sponsoring a little girl online- Vivin, a five year old girl. Lovelie, sadly, I was unable to find- although I guess that’s a good thing, because it means she already has a sponsor.

Anyway… Vivin.

I received my sponsorship packet today- a booklet full of pictures and facts about my little girl, her family, and her community and country.

A well-off, spoiled girl complaining about school and work. A tiny, hard-working sweetheart waiting for her chance.

There’s something beautiful about the collision of these two worlds.

There’s something beautiful about bringing hope to a little girl who deserves it.

There’s something beautiful about stepping out of my miniscule world, even just for a few minutes.


Hope for Vivin, that she won’t always be trapped in poverty. Hope that she will see what a beautiful young lady she is. Hope that she will grow up to fulfill every dream in her heart. Hope that she will find the One who died because of the love He has for her.

But that’s not the hope I came to write about tonight.

I haven’t really done anything for Vivin. The money I gave- a few hours of work, a few worthless pieces of paper to bring her justice; to bring her a chance.

No, Vivin, it’s you that has brought me hope



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