People Help the People

A beautiful song, incredible video, and the haunting voice of a girl who is barely 16. Definitely worth watching.

More People Help the People


Hero Pt. 2

by m. e. roach   it takes time they told me you’ll heal read the Bible pray more   i can’t- i can’t-i can’t   and just as suddenly as i fell from grace a Man- a Carpenter comes to my rescue   saying I can- I can- I can-   round and round i … More Hero Pt. 2

Hero Pt. 1

by m. e. roach   again again and again round and round i go   never learning never changing a dog returning to its vomit immersed in filth fighting the One i want the most   all that is pure and holy slips away and i am left   a handful of ashes burned by … More Hero Pt. 1

More Than Conquerors

by m. e. roach   today i found a moment where sunrise collided with dark hope lit the sky anger washed away a firework of love and here in this place my world my home past the stars i lift up my arms and say goodnight- goodnight and amen


“If you spend yourself in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness.”
-Isaiah 58:10

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