One Beautiful Thing

Tonight’s the first time I’ve felt inspired to write in what feels like weeks.

I feel like I’m slowly losing sight of everything that makes my life worth living. I’m shallow, depressed, and I need to get outside of my own selfish box.

So for the next couple of weeks I want to spend time and write down one beautiful thing in this broken world.

And I’ve found that there is a lot for me to write about.

Today’s is a person, a coworker at my new job.

She’s about 18, and incredibly beautiful. She is also incredibly sweet, and she made the transition to my new job so much easier.

And she’s broken. Very broken.

I can see pain in her eyes, hiding behind the friendly smile.

I catch that pain when she mentions something about smiling to customers. “It’s not really a choice, I guess,” she says, laughing a little so the pain doesn’t show, bare-faced. “You smile whether you feel like it or not.”

I can see when she starts feeling claustrophobic, panic behind the bright blue eyes. She just smiles brighter and asks the manager for a cigarette break. She gets one, because she’s already on overtime, closing in on 47 hours a week.

I hear the whispers among the other co-workers: “problems at home…” “drunk every night…” “looking for a place to stay…”

And she smiles sweetly, patiently showing me how to ring up someone’s order.

She reminds me of my little sister- but what my little sister would be like if she had to grow up too fast.

She is so strong.

And Jesus is right here, waiting, to catch her in the moment she realizes she’s not strong enough, even if she can work 47 hours a week to keep from going home.

I’ve noticed other things, too. She’s the go-between for an angry manager who trusts her, and an arrogant coworker who she seems to handle with ease.

She is someone beautiful. Someone who looks like Jesus to me. In pain and taking care of the new girl.

She is my one beautiful thing for today.

Faith. Her name is Faith.


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