My feet pound the cement, knees aching, lungs screaming for air.

Six miles, and I’m exhausted. It’s late afternoon and the heat hasn’t let up.

And then the rain starts to fall.

A few drops here and there.

Then as I near home, they’re pounding my face, free falling from the restless sky.

I slow to walk. Spread my arms wide open, face to the sky.

The feeling of rain kissing my overheated face. One more thing to be thankful for.

Sometimes I can’t hear Jesus.

Sometimes I can hear a faint whisper here and there.

And sometimes- I can feel Him in each drop of rain. I twirl in the rain, laughing into the gray sky. His laughter, deep, rich, overflowing the skies rushes down to join me.

I love you.

And I am intoxicated- intoxicated with love.


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