Lattés and Sunlight

They’re dancing- so young, so innocent, and they are the ones convincing me that there is still good in the world.

I was waiting for my little brother at baseball practice.

The breeze is soft. The sun, nearly at the horizon, turns everything to gold.

I sip my caramel latté and watch the children play.

Joy. Pure joy.

Little girls with bright princess tees and pink clogs and sunlight in their hair, little boys with knobby knees and smudged faces. My own little brother, face set determinedly underneath his over sized Twins cap.

This world is so screwed up. So backwards. So different from what it should be.

It haunts me that kids like the ones playing in the sunlight die every day- hunger, disease, war, neglect- and no one really cares.

But there, with my latté and my cynicism, I realized something that I’ve been missing in my writing.

The world is a bad place; a horrible place in so many ways.

But it’s also a good place- a very, very good place sometimes.

It just took a latté and a little sunlight to show me that.


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