What Can We Do?

I’ve been contemplating that- what can we do, we rich people of the first world countries?

I am young- too young, most would  say, to even worry about this, let alone do something to change it.

No, I don’t think we can “fix” Africa, stop AIDS, or change the world.

I’m not that idealistic.

I’m not rich enough to go on a mission’s trip, I’m not smart enough to come up with strategies for solving the global food crisis, I’m not strong enough to solve the world’s problems.

I can’t be everything for everyone, and neither can you.

But maybe, just maybe, we can be something for someone.

That’s why I’d like to tell you about  a little girl- a girl my little sister’s age- who we can help.

Her name is Lovelie. She is only thirteen.

I was struck by her name at once- so close to lovely. She is beautiful. Average at school, lives in broken Haiti, but she is extraordinary. She is lovely.

Only, she doesn’t know it yet. Will you be the one to tell her?

Sponsor Lovelie


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