by m. e. roach   The street is dark yellow streetlight flickering she stumbles barefoot mud dirty needles someone’s rotting food.   The fire escape groans under her weight her feet drag she is use to this- this filth- this hopelessness.   This is me the drunk stumbling home wading through the darkness unaware that … More Unfathomable

One Beautiful Thing

Tonight’s the first time I’ve felt inspired to write in what feels like weeks. I feel like I’m slowly losing sight of everything that makes my life worth living. I’m shallow, depressed, and I need to get outside of my own selfish box. So for the next couple of weeks I want to spend time … More One Beautiful Thing


My feet pound the cement, knees aching, lungs screaming for air. Six miles, and I’m exhausted. It’s late afternoon and the heat hasn’t let up. And then the rain starts to fall. A few drops here and there. Then as I near home, they’re pounding my face, free falling from the restless sky. I slow … More Intoxication


by m. e. roach   there’s an girl in the corner a girl that nobody sees building up her walls isolating justifying hurting inside one day she was like you and me a day before the pain a day before the darkness she’s going down under the shadow of a steeple alone unseen   there’s … More Redemption

What is Love?

Love. What is it? We’re all looking for it, longing for it, from the little girls who play dress-up to the bitter cynics who do their best to shred idealism. We tell ourselves love is not real. Love is a joke. We won’t fall for it again. We won’t let ourselves get hurt again. In … More What is Love?

Too Much

It’s too much You’re too much You’re too much Who am I Who am I that You have brought me this far? -Flyleaf, Who Am I    


by m. e. roach   bent head shame heaped the search has left me broken dirty   my evil my darkness seeps through every good attempt has left my worthless   and then-   twisted hands, scarred reach out for mine beautiful white turns to blood crown of gold morphs into thorns broken body man … More Forgiveness